Shipping Dubai to Saudi Arabia

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shipping from dubai to saudi arabia

  • Burhani Oasis Shipping provides road transportation and shipping service from Dubai to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain
  • Our Road Cargo Services is very easy and cost effective, we have door to door cargo Dammam, shipping from Dubai to Riyadh, Sea shipping JebelAli to Jeddah

Road or Land freight from the UAE to Saudi Arabia

Burhani Oasis Cargo always try to meet the requirements of customers for all land or road transportation requirement from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to Saudi Arabia. We have pickup trucks of all capacity 3 tons, 5 tons, 7 tons, 10 tons, 25 tons, open and closed trucks of all kinds, 20 feet trailer, 40 feet trailer, 12 meter trailer, 15 meter trailers. All border customs formalities at Batha border and Sila borders are handled by us thus swift clearance and delivery to Saudi Arabia.

Air freight from Dubai to Saudi Arabia

Burhani Oasis provides this air freight service for all your urgent shipments from Dubai to Saudi Arabia, Dubai to Riyadh, Dubai to Jeddah, Dubai to Dammam, Dubai to Madinah.

Upon receipt of shipment Burhani Oasis quickly despatches by first available flight from Dubai to Saudi Arabia after all customs formalities. If any repacking or labelling requiring we can handle all according to the customer’s request. Door to Door service or Door to airport we provide service for all your needs.

Sea freight Shipping from Dubai to Saudi Arabia

Burhani Oasis Shipping provides sea freight service from Dubai to all ports of Saudi Arabia especially Dammam.

We have different types of containers such as 20 feet containers, 40 feet containers, 45 feet containers, in addition to full container load to Saudi Arabia, we provide LCL service also, we consolidate other customers cargo in our warehouse and then shipped in one container to reduce huge shipping costs for our customers.

Why Choose Burhani Oasis Shipping?

Shipment safety

All of our road transportation drivers and air carriers and sea shipping vessels operators are experienced and fully trained in cargo handling who ensures safe delivery of the shipment to Saudi Arabia. Our vehicles are well maintained, our containers are always clean and new model years of sea worthy containers. We have best Air freight Cargo carriers and dedicated space are always booked only for our cargo.

Customer Service

We guarantee to collect and deliver the goods within the agreed time frame, shipping or cargo service is all about time. For all of our Clients, we are always looking for the best possible solution to minimizing their cost. After all your saving is ultimate beneficial for us to get more and more shipments. We take each shipment be it small 1 kilo to 100 and 1000 tons as valuable and personal, your loss is ours. Ignorance has no place in our company.


Burhani Oasis backend team constantly monitor the movement of each shipment from the collection point to the delivery destination. We don’t relax till your cargo reach to the receiver, we are constantly on move.