Warehousing Storage Distribution Service

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Fulfillment warehousing providers in Dubai

Burhani Oasis has under its operation providing a multitude of warehouse storage in dubai

Warehousing Capabilities across industries. We have the ability to handle different types of Cargo and whether Temporary Storage in Dubai or Long term storage in Dubai

  • Indoor Rack Storage for Palletized Cargo
  • Indoor Bulk Storage for Non-Palletized and Non-standard Cargo
    warehouse storage dubai

Our aim is to provide our valued partners with the best storage solutions Dubai has to offer, which is rich in expertise and economies of scale. We also have under operation a dedicated Stacking & Shelving Solution with 3000+ SKU capacity.

All Cargo that is stored and managed in the warehouses are updated using our in-house ERP Software; which provides immediate access of Inventory Levels to our Customers.

We offer excellent storage facility and distribution service at extremely reasonable prices. 

Warehousing and Storage in Dubai

The following variety of activities include:

  • Stuffing & De-Stuffing of Containers
  • Pick, Pack, Dispatch and Distribution of local transport
  • Labelling
  • Warehousing for import for re-export/transit
  • Temporary Storage in Dubai
  • Long term car storage in Dubai
  • Any Vehicle storage in Dubai

vehicle storage near meBurhani Oasis has built recognition for offering excellent warehouse rentals, and storage space in Dubai. To manage the diverse portfolio of Cargo that comes through our facilities on a daily basis, we has ensured that handling of products are under strict supervision and customer privacy policies.

Warehousing and Fulfillment Service

Our warehouses are designed and organized to accommodate holding, packing, consolidation, and shipping goods of all kinds, and operations built to streamline shipping and receiving. We can handle individual items as well as bulk cargo, offering both short- and long-term storage options to suit your needs. For clients interested in fulfillment services, Burhani Oasis can create customized solutions that work for your business.

Our team is regularly Provided Training for Safety, and we hold this as one of our highest priorities.