China to UAE Shipping

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Burhani Shipping offers China to UAE Shipping DDP service, Delivered Duty Paid with customs clearance.

shipping from china to dubai

Our comprehensive logistics from any part of China to Dubai cargo service are mentioned below                      


  • Shipping from Shenzhen to Dubai 
  • Sea Freight from China to Dubai
  • Door to Door cargo from Guangzhou to Dubai
  • Shanghai China to Dubai cargo
  • Shipping from Dongguan China to Dubai
  • Shanghai China to Dubai
  • Cheapest shipping from China to UAE
  • China to Amazon FBA UAE

We have a well coordinated air freight & sea freight system which ensures that your freight reaches Dubai safely and on time from China. 

Guide to Shipping from China to UAE

High costs associated with shipping for Full container 20 feet or 40 feet from China to Jebel Ali UAE can be an off-putting factor for many businesses, but there are ways to keep costs low and shipments running smoothly by consolidation of cargo of all like minded customers, and that’s where Burhani Oasis comes in.

Cost to ship from China to UAE

Depends on Volume of cargo and location of supplier with nearest port in China

Ningbo port to UAE, Chiwan port to UAE, Wuhan port to UAE, Shanghai port to UAE, Guangzhou port to Dubai

China Customs & Local Handling

Pick-up from china suppliers locally, Domestic logistics, warehouse handling & storage, consolidation, customs documents, export customs clearance

Air & Sea freight from China to Dubai

We work with all air carriers and have chartered air cargo service for big volume of shipment from China to Dubai. For Sea freight from China to Dubai, we have our containers. We consolidate and load cargo for all customers in one container to offer you the cheapest rates.

Ocean Shipping from China to UAE – Transit time of LCL shipment 

Port of Origin
Port of Destination
Shekou Jebel Ali 27 days
Zhongshan Jebel Ali 23 days
Guangzhou Sharjah 38 days
Shanghai Abu Dhabi 30 days
Xiamen Jebel Ali 30 days

Air transit times when shipping from China to UAE

Airport of Origin
Airport of Destination
Shanghai Abu Dhabi 6 days
Shanghai-Pudong Dubai International 5 days
Chengdu Dubai International 10 days
Guangzhou Sharjah 8 days

Customs Clearance in Dubai

Pre-Arrival of your cargo from China to Dubai, we are ready with customs clearance in Dubai and process all related customs formalities, we handle all at ease.

Cheapest shipping from China to Dubai and Delivery to all over Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah

Upon customs clearance, shipments are delivered to any location in UAE with our dozens of trucks & vans to send shipments to desired locations on daily basis.

Safe, Reliable & Cheapest shipping from china to uae

We have been handling LCL sea freight from china to Dubai door to door cargo for a decade. Our well-trained staffs always handle your shipments professionally.

Shipping from China Warehouse to Amazon

Shipping Service from China to Amazon FBA UAE DDP including customs clearance, Duty and Taxes, delivery to Amazon Dxb2, Dxb3, Dxb4.