Ecommerce Fulfillment in Dubai

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What is eCommerce fulfilment?

This is a process where 3PLs (3rd Party Logistics) such as the likes of Burhani Oasis an ecommerce fulfillment center in Dubai, store, sort, pick and pack and dispatch goods on behalf of their customers. Burhani Oasis take the day to day activities away from ecommerce sellers  so they don’t have to worry about them which in turn provides valuable time to plan the best way achieve better business results.

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Why choose Burhani Oasis for your Ecommerce fulfillment?

1. Improve Service

Our on-time shipping rate is 99%+ including first scan with our inhouse courier.  Our robust defect procedure ensures root cause and preventative actions are identified for every issue.

2. Reduce costs

Our efficient processes and how we manage productivity hand in hand with quality often means we can do ecommerce fulfilment at a more affordable price.

3. Scale to new markets

Our expertise in marketplaces and drop-ship fulfilment allows you to plug and play with new markets.

4. Less commitment

We understand unpredictable ecommerce business and high competition. So why sign a long lease with a company, we have no minimum spend and flexible terms of business. As you thrive we grow together.

5. Focus on what you do best

Get time back to focus on your business instead of operations consuming all your time. You have a leaner more efficient structure outsourcing to Burhani Oasis.

How to grow your Ecommerce Strategy

If you go back 20 years or so when the internet was in its infancy the term eCommerce fulfilment may not have even been invented. As time has passed the internet become part of everyday life, and so has the demand for consumers to buy online. Ecommerce fulfilment in Dubai has evolved, look through it and you will find countless products to sell, even though tough competition but still you can sell at some  high profit products, see if there are any you need to add to your ecommerce strategy. We are happy to let you know Burhani Oasis have a fulfilment solution for all your category of products.

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