Warehouse Storage

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Our warehouse storage in Dubai is optimized for multiple types of materials, boxed or bagged bulk material and much more making it as your full fledge fulfillment center.

Over the years, businesses have rotated to a full 360 degrees and businessmen have taken a big leap of faith while assessing risks related to their investments. One such big investment is renting a warehouse. Burhani Oasis provide warehousing and storage services to companies that do not own a storage facility.

So why warehouse storage with us is a great idea for your venture? Well, first our warehouse is centrally located in mainland covering all Dubai at ease and highway to other emirates is connected few kilometers away, secondly our warehouse has such great availability of space that you can store any goods on pallet or racks or shelves for easy ecommerce fulfillment or distribution requirement. Not only does it come with the advantage of storage, but it also allows you to use the space in a much more versatile manner than you think. Our warehouse can be used for Amazon FBA UAE prep service or as a Amazon Return warehouse in Dubai.

We can transform a portion into the dedicated fulfillment area for your business, where you can handle 11th-hour fulfillment needs or operate it as a full-blown ecommerce facility. You can reap benefits from a warehouse in the form of capital too.

Our warehousing and storage services are available at a more cost-effective rate.

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Importance of a Storage Facility

Whenever you decide on starting a new venture, you need to make sure that you have all the required essentials. If you want to start a supply chain or delivery business, you need to rent warehouse storage to store all your goods in.

In our company the warehouse storage is used to store all the goods we supply to vendors or third parties and thus gather the materials from everywhere and keep them safe and secure in the storage facility.

Easily store surplus commodities your company doesn’t currently need in our warehousing facility. We expertly store and pre-sort all distribution-bound goods at our facilities

Apart from sorting these items, the unit allows you to grade the items and pre-pack them according to the demands. If your product is in demand or you want to promote your new product, a warehouse can greatly enhance the processing of your orders, even prospective customers can see or inspect your product at our facility. You focus on expanding while we take care of all logistics of your B2B or B2C business.

You would not have to run to manage sales instead when a new order comes in you can easily instruct us we supply them directly by picking up the items from our storage facility and deliver them to your customer with our inhouse small and big trucks or our own courier service. This will save both your time and money.

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What Services Can A Warehouse Storage Provide?

  • Ecommerce fulfillmentĀ in Dubai
  • Distribution and Supply in Dubai, Sharjah, AbuDhabi, UAE market
  • Re-export of goods to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait
  • Single ecommerce order fulfillment courier service to UAE, Saudi Arabia
  • Cross-stuffing of cargo in Dubai from one container to another container
  • Packing, Repacking & Labelling work
  • Prep service for Amazon FBA UAE
  • Amazon Return warehouse in Dubai UAE
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No Long Term Lease or Commitment

With no long term lease or commitment, our warehouse storage service can put it to a great use by transforming your business into a third-party logistics company. We operate warehouse that offers services as a Dubai fulfillment center would.

Our warehouse offers services like picking up the items, packaging them, and taking care of its shipment too. We being third-party logistics company can store your items for you and process the orders as per the requirement.

When a business runs smoothly, it acquires customer satisfaction, creating a win-win situation for both the Seller/Supplier and the third-party logistics company. As a 3pl company, we offer every demand the business has which includes the returns too.

Our 3pl company provides all the facilities you need to obtain via a contract for your logistics operations. Using our warehouse in this manner will let your business at the heart of a supply chain.

You can order manufacturer to deliver goods or stock to us and we take care of warehousing and fulfillment services in Dubai. Never mind if your requirement of storage space is small or big, after all our growth is only possible when your business grows.

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