Dubai Fulfillment Center

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Dubai Fulfillment center for all ecommerce orders & products.

We provide eFulfillment Service to small-to-medium sized online sellers including product storage, order fulfillment, and returns handling.

fulfillment service in dubai

We are an experienced fulfillment service center in Dubai offering service to our local UAE and worldwide companies or individual customers

Here’s an overview of the complete fulfillment services we offer to growing online sellers

Inventory Receiving & Storage in Fulfilment Centre Dubai

Once here, we ensure your merchandise is in good condition, we then store it in a designated area of our fulfillment center, and we provide you with access to our web-based fulfillment software to allow you to constantly monitor inventory levels, orders and shipments

dubai fulfillment center

Pick & Pack Fulfillment Services –

  • Orders are picked, packed and shipped within 24 business hours
  • We offer a range of packaging supplies if any additional packing or repacking requirement
  • Orders can be received manually, via CSV file, or automatically via XML integration

Track your orders online

Product Shipping

  • No matter what types of products you sell online, we have a cost-effective shipping option to meet your needs. We have tie-up with major courier companies to take care of delivery ontime everytime
  • We ship both domestically and internationally, and all of your orders are picked, packed and shipped within 24 business hours.

Returns Processing

Our eFulfillment Service also handles order returns for online merchants, freeing up more of your time and allowing you to keep good inventory on hand at our fulfillment center.

When orders are returned, we alert you as to the condition of the merchandise, determine what should be done with the inventory, and we handle the shipping of new orders to your customers if necessary — all while keeping you informed

No Minimums, No Setup Fees, No Long-Term Contracts

We have become a trusted leader in order fulfillment due to our reliable service and flexible, friendly terms, which include:

  • No setup fees
  • No minimum order volume requirements
  • No long-term storage fees