Warehouse Storage for Rent in Dubai

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Burhani Oasis offers warehouse storage on rent in Dubai mainland. Rack and shelves for better storage of your goods.

warehouse storage rent in dubai

Why Should One have a Warehouse Storage on rent in Dubai?

Over the years, businesses have rotated to a full 360 degrees and spending on warehouse is expensive and added cost for your product. Our Storage solution reduces your business cost by almost half, yes by half, big leap of faith to your investments. You can get small warehouse on rent in our facility in Dubai.

So why warehouse storage at Burhani Oasis is a great idea for your venture? Well, when you come to think of it, big warehouse for small storage requirement such as 50 square feet or 100 or 300 square feet is no advantage for your business, but our warehouse storage service allows you to use the space in a much more versatile manner than you think.

You can reap benefits from a warehouse in the form of capital too.

Big warehouse can cost you a lot but warehouse and storage services at Burhani Oasis are available at a more cost-effective rate. You can use the our warehouse facility as per your requirement.

Importance of a Storage Facility

Whenever you decide on starting a new venture, you need to make sure that you have all the required essentials. If you want to start to sell your products, you need to purchase warehouse storage to store all your goods in.

In our company the warehouse storage is used to store all the goods your supplier or manufacturer supply to you or third parties and thus gather the materials from everywhere and keep them safe and secure in the storage facility.

Surfeit commodities that are not needed currently by your company can be easily stored in our warehousing facility. We store and pre-sort all the goods that have to be distributed in our facilities as well.

Apart from sorting these items, the unit allows you to grade the items and pre-pack them according to your demands. You want either for short term or long term or a week, we are easy to go for, a warehouse can greatly enhance the processing of your orders.

You would not have to run to the production houses again and again when a new order comes in, you can easily supply them directly by picking up the items from our storage facility. This will save both your time and money.

warehouse storage on rent in dubai

What Services Can A Warehouse Provide?

Our warehouse storage in Dubai has lot to offer by fullfilling your orders and courier delivery or truck delivery to your customers either individual or corporate companies. You can operate our warehouse that offers services the same as a fulfillment center would.

Our warehouse offers services like picking up the items, packaging them, and taking care of its shipment too. We store items for you and process the orders as per the requirement.

When a business runs smoothly the customers’ satisfaction is acquired and hence it is a win-win for both you and your customer ultimately our benefit. As a 3pl company, we offer every demand the business has which includes the returns too.

We being a 3pl company provides all the facilities you need for your trade operations. Using our warehouse in this manner will let your company be at the heart of a supply chain.

3pl manages the company’s stocks and every other task associated with the products that the original company manufactures.


Kitting, polybags, tagging – complete door-to-door services

Order fulfillment – saving time and money

Pick and pack – avoid labour & fixed monthly expenses

Delivery via own courier service or own trucks to UAE and GCC countries, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain.

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