Shipping from China to UAE

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Burhani Oasis provides shipping from China to UAE by sea and air freight. We are one of the fastest growing freight forwarder for China to UAE.

shipping from china to uae

Our comprehensive shipping service from any part of China to UAE as mentioned below

Guangzhou to UAE
Shenzhen to UAE
Shanghai to UAE
Yiwu to UAE
Qingyan to Dubai
Nantong to UAE
Jiangsu to UAE
Hangzhou to UAE
Shandong to UAE

Door to Door Shipping from China to Dubai

  • Door to Door Shipping from China to Dubai by Air
  • Door to Door Shipping from China to Dubai by Sea
  • LCL From China to Dubai
  • FCL from China to UAE
  • Door to Door Shipping from China to Amazon FBA UAE

china to uae shipping

Shipment procedure from China to any port or airport in UAE

  • Door to Door Shipping from China to Dubai┬áincludes picking from supplier factory (optional)
  • Customs clearance in China and Dubai
  • Delivery of Goods to Receiver
  • Guaranteed Transit time

DDP Air Freight for small volume of cargo

DDP Sea Freight for bulk shipment – FCL or LCL

We have a well coordinated air freight system which ensures that your freight reaches Dubai safely and on time from China. We can handle air freight of any size and shape.

Always work with a reputable shipping company, it is crucial for China to Dubai Cargo to work with established company having offices in China and in Dubai. The shipping company should have experience in handling international shipments and be familiar with the customs regulations of both countries.

Cheapest Shipping from China to UAE

For Sea freight from China to Dubai, you have options either LCL or FCL. And choose air freight, if you need your goods delivered quickly than air freight from China to Dubai is the best option. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution than sea freight is a good choice.

We go that extra length to ensure that your work is carried out in the most expeditious and satisfactory way.

Contact us for all your China to UAE shipping requirements